a³ Virtual Academy Online School

Principal: Karen Myles E-mail:
Phone: (985)-898-6462

Students follow different paths in their educational journeys and benefit from a variety of opportunities to attain their goals. For some students, a more nontraditional, interactive course of study may best suit their needs. The St. Tammany Parish Public School System Virtual Academy offers students an exciting, new approach to learning.

The Virtual Academy relies on technology designed to support teaching and learning in various educational settings. Blackboard is the software system that frames the electronic courses that engage Virtual Academy students in an online setting. The Blackboard medium allows teachers and students access to a wide offering of multimedia resources, while incorporating the School System written curriculum. The Virtual Academy allows for anytime, anywhere access, partnered with unlimited collaboration possibilities—available at the click of a mouse.

For more information about the Virtual Academy, contact the School Administrator at or phone 985-898-6462.


Please contact Karen Myles immediately if there is a problem
logging in your Gaggle email or Bb account.

 All students and parents are responsible for the information in the Procedures for Online Classes contract. This is available at the Summer Session Webpage.

Please email
with any questions or problems.



Free Software Downloads

(Not all courses require all the downloads listed on the downloads page.)

Windows users should save the file to desktop. You should then right-click on file and select
"Run as Administrator" to install. You should do this for all software installations.

Adobe Flash Player

Enables user to view Flash files.

Sun Java Runtime Environment

Enables user to view Java files.


If you DO NOT have Microsoft Office,  install this software.

Acrobat Reader
(Mac Version)

Acrobat Reader, this application allows you to read pdf files.

Media Codec Packs For: (Windows XP, Windows Vista)

Allows Media Player to play .avi files (Windows ONLY!)

Power Point Viewer

Application that will allow you to view Power Point slide shows on your computer if you don't have Power Point already installed.

Quick Time

Installation for Apple's Quick Time viewer

Real Player

Installation for Real Player (make sure you click the link "Get Real Player - Free")

Microsoft Word Viewer

Installation for Microsoft Word Viewer

Adobe Shockwave Player

Enables user to view Shockwave files.

Google Docs

Excellent free application for creating and sharing documents.